How you track your cell phone using GPS

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There are only two reasons free spy cell phone why one would want to track a phone; either it’s lost or you want to spy on someone. It could be a cheating spouse, a mischievous teen or an employee you suspect hasn’t been active at work. Whatever the reason is for wanting to track a phone, a GPS tracking system will help to the trick.  Of course the methods will vary from phone to phone depending on the OS. The easiest phones to track are smart phones but the older generation phones are also track-able using a GPS tracking service.

For Android users, you’ll need the Android device manager on your phone which basically helps you trace your phone if it ever gets lost. You can get it from another Android phone or you can just go ahead and download it from the internet. So the first thing you’ll need to do is to log in into your Android device manager if this is your first time using it. Ensure that the account details are the same as the one on the phone being tracked otherwise you won’t be able to access it. After you are in, the device will do the work of attempting to find out the last location your phone was which will be shown in a small window near the map. Once found, you can try calling, lock it by setting a new security lock code or erase the lost phone’s data. Be aware that the last option is irreversible though.

As for an iPhone device, if you have Apple Account details, you’ll need to log in to your account through the iCloud website. There you’ll be able to track your iPhone or from an iPad. Once you log in successfully, head on to the find my iPhone area. If tracking using an iPad, you’ll need to download the Find My iPhone app. Select your device and choose actions such as play sound which will help track the current location or select lost mode which locks your iPhone from strangers and lastly, select erase to avoid any private stuff from being exposed.

Windows phone users can also track their phones wherever they are. Just like the other two brands, you can also track your device by logging into the Windows phone website. The process is basically the same as above where you log in, select your device and choose the necessary action to track and protect your phone. In the Windows website you will be able to print the map showing where your device was last, ring lock or erase all data. Again, if you choose to erase and find your phone after, you won’t be able to reverse that action.

If the phone lost was not a Smartphone, you will still be able to find it. You simply need to purchase a GPS tracking service. You will spend at least $6 monthly to have your phone traced. Most can trace almost every kind of phone as long as its GPS enabled. This means that if your phone is one of those oldies, you may just need to accept that it’s lost forever. You’ll need to create an account on AccuTracking website from a phone or computer to start the tracking process.

So if you ever lose your phone or if it gets stolen, do not panic for help is nigh. You will be able to get your phone back in no time. Indeed, technology has made our lives much easier. It’s almost as if there is nothing it cannot do and the best part is that it keeps improving every year that passes.This means that the future will be much simpler than it already is.